Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai

(Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai) Among all the activities and visits I planned to do in Dubai, I am in a position to state that I liked and the things to do in the Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai pleasantly surprise me. It is about time that the extraordinary experience of a desert journey should be shared here.

Deserts are a way of seeing another side of Dubai that hides behind the sky-high buildings and architectures. The fabulous landscape of dunes are a treat to watch, which puts the beautiful dunes of the Dubai desert under environmental pressure that will hardly be sustainable.

Red Dunes Desert Safari Dubai

To the south of the great Arab city of impossible skyscrapers, the desert arrives that you can reach in about 30 minutes by car; the Lahbab Desert popularly known as Red Dunes Desert, in the limits with the Reserve for the Conservation of the Desert of Dubai.

The desert is spectacular and the mineral composition differs from that of the dunes where that same morning I ran into the oryx of Arabia. Those in the afternoon are dunes of a red color that intensifies especially when the afternoon falls. The magnificent scenario where companies perform the much-announced hype and saucer safari was unbelievably vast to see.


It is just one of the things that I loved about red dune desert safari Dubai. The “safari” that also goes by the name of dune bashing, that tour operators take you on. It is basically going out in the desert and rumbling in the sandy hills of the desert, through the dunes with 4×4 vehicles.

The amount and intensity of the pirouettes on the sand is greater the greater the screams of tourists who get carried away by the activity. The reality is that not one or two cars, but hundreds of them are lost among the dunes in search of adrenaline.

This puts the fun of this thrilling activity on another level.

Some of the tour operators are against this practice of taking the travelers on dune bashing, because they think that this activity hurts the eco-system of the desert.


If you book with some of the reliable tour operators, you can actually both dune driving and dune bashing. The different lies in the intensity. The former one is just a drive among the dunes while in the latter; you feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins.

Falconry during Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai

What I liked is the falconry demonstration that one of the companies performs among the dunes. The falconry in Dubai is like football in Spain.

Several peregrine falcons are responsible for putting the hairs on end with their flush flights among the people, with their devilish speed of biting. A real joy before returning back to home country is to see the fastest bird on Earth fly.

BBQ Buffet in Red Dune Desert Safari

The moment I laid my eyes on the fresh BBQ buffet being prepared while we were riding camels in the desert, was the moment I started feeling my appetite was growing.

A lip-smacking BBQ is prepared by the five star caters who arrange a beautiful place for the perfect meal in the desert. Arabs have a special place in their heart for delicious food items and this BBQ displayed that part of them perfectly.

If you are looking to have an incredible experience of dinning in the desert along with enjoying some of the red dune desert safari adventures in Dubai, then make sure you chose a reliable tour operator for your journey.

Best Dubai Trip, Arabian Adventure and Platinum Heritage tour are among the top ranking companies that arrange desert safari tours.


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