Desert is known as the heart and soul of the city. The vast endless miles of desert are a major attraction spot for the tourists around the world. They are fascinated by the idea of having fun in the sand dunes of Arabian desert. 

Desert safari Dubai is the perfect way to understand the true essence of Bedouin culture in towering red dunes. It shows you an authentic reflection of rich Arabic traditions that are being followed since the Arabs used to live in the desert. It was not long ago, that Arabs moved to the city from villages. This brought a remarkable revolutionary period unto the city. 

Desert Activities 

There is a reason why tourists are lure into this part of the city every year. Desert offers great views, adventures and Arabic cuisine that you can enjoy with your family. For anyone who is traveling to Dubai desert this time of the year, here are some of the best desert activities that you will come across;

Riding the High Dunes 

A luxurious as well as adventurous tour through the sandy hills of Arabian desert is Dune Bashing. A safari licensed professional takes a group of 6 people on a high-speed journey in a 4X4 SUV. The vehicles used for this journey include; Toyota Land Cruiser, Hummer and even Range Rover. 

Drivers that whip you across the red dunes are well-experienced. Feel your heart beat race on the dipping sandy slopes of Arabian desert. 

Go on An Off-road Adventure 

Gear up for the ravishing adventure of quad biking with your friends. Navigate the beautiful landscape of desert by hoping on the quad bike. Take dashing pictures as you are in between action. These speedy quad bikes come with a helmet for safety purposes. 

You can go either on a journey of your own or you can choose to follow the already present trail. As you ride on sandy dunes, you go kicking the sand on your friends which makes it a fun ride. Hurtle and bounce over one of the most iconic deserts in the world. 

Glide Down the High Dunes 

For all the adrenaline junkies out there, this is a desert activity that you’re going to love. Strap the sandboard with your feet and move down directly from the top of the sand dune. The seamless stretch of sand dunes is a great way to slide down in high speed. As an explorer, you’re going to love this unique experience. 

A safari guide is present there to teach you how to glide down the sandy slopes safely and smoothly. 

Desert Conservation Reserve 

If you’re the one who is fond of viewing the diverse wildlife of desert, go for a camel ride Dubai through the newly developed desert conservation reserve. In this tour, you are going to see the Arabian Oryx and gazelle. 

Desert safari tour is a thrilling journey, filled with fun things to do. At the end of it all, enjoy a hefty Arabic meal. 



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